Monday, May 1, 2006


Filed under: Alaska — Tom Pittman @ 4:23 pm

Anchorage Daily News reporter, Cinthia Ritchie, challenged us to come up with “Alaskanisms” such as “termination dust” or “bunny boots” in her Sunday article. That sounded fun, so here are some more Alaskanisms:

o The Lesser 48 (snobbish but fun)
o PFDemons (merchants tempting you for your PFD check)
o Permanent FUN Dividend (Alaskan’s annual budget supplement)
o Pothole Ballet (dodging potholes while driving)
o Bermmed in (snow berm blocking driveway)
o Berm back (sore back from shoveling show berm)
o Berm-a-frost (frozen snow burm)
o April Cruel Day (fresh snow falling in April)
o Spring Creaming (fresh snow falling in April)
o Snow Tire-ranny (obligatory semi-annual tire change overs)
o Yearly Re-Tire-ment (seasonal tire change over)
o Kooters (patrons of “Koots” or Chilkoot Charlies)
o Road dirt tan (a car color)
o Mud Lights (mud-covered headlights)
o No beams (mud-covered headlights)
o Lazy wash (“laser” car washes)
o Taking a warm cut (cutting through a building to get warmer)

There is half a chance others will come to me and be added to list later.


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