Monday, May 1, 2006


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Anchorage Daily News reporter, Cinthia Ritchie, challenged us to come up with “Alaskanisms” such as “termination dust” or “bunny boots” in her Sunday article. That sounded fun, so here are some more Alaskanisms:

o The Lesser 48 (snobbish but fun)
o PFDemons (merchants tempting you for your PFD check)
o Permanent FUN Dividend (Alaskan’s annual budget supplement)
o Pothole Ballet (dodging potholes while driving)
o Bermmed in (snow berm blocking driveway)
o Berm back (sore back from shoveling show berm)
o Berm-a-frost (frozen snow burm)
o April Cruel Day (fresh snow falling in April)
o Spring Creaming (fresh snow falling in April)
o Snow Tire-ranny (obligatory semi-annual tire change overs)
o Yearly Re-Tire-ment (seasonal tire change over)
o Kooters (patrons of “Koots” or Chilkoot Charlies)
o Road dirt tan (a car color)
o Mud Lights (mud-covered headlights)
o No beams (mud-covered headlights)
o Lazy wash (“laser” car washes)
o Taking a warm cut (cutting through a building to get warmer)

There is half a chance others will come to me and be added to list later.


Why Steve Nash is NOT the NBA’s MVP

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Thanks to Dish Network and NBA League Pass, I get to watch a LOT of basketball. The Suns and the Lakers are two of the teams I’ve tracked all season. Both Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash tend to dominate the ball, with Kobe usually looking to score and Steve usually looking to pass.I like Steve Nash. Not only is Stevie one of my favorite players in the league, but he is one of my favorite people in all professional sports. How I wish more athletes had his character!

But tell me, what is the difference between most of a team’s points coming from one player (like Kobe Bryant), and most of a team’s assists coming from one player … like Steve Nash?

And tell me, what is harder to do: pass the ball to any one of 7 teammates who are all having a career best years? Or score against defenses that focus on you as the only player they regard as a real threat?Kobe dunks on Nash

And for all the good Nash does on one end of the floor, he pretty much gives half of it back with his token defense. Most offensive players use Nash like a rental car, although Nash really is a first class flopper.

Nevermind the debate about what refs did or didn’t call, and Nash losing the ball twice at critical times in Game 4 of the Suns’ first round series against the Lakers … before any of that happened, Laker Smush Parker shot his clutch 3 pointer over Steve Nash near the end of regulation like he wasn’t there. Had Nash defended Parker, the other two later incidents would not have mattered.

How can a player seriously be considered as THE most valuable player in the NBA who is only good on one end of the floor? That is not a valuable player, that is a valuable HALF a player!

You know what’s most valuable to championship basketball? Defense. Just look at the Pistons and the Spurs! One dimensional basketball couldn’t get Steve Nash’s Dallas Mavericks a championship, and it won’t get the Phoenix Suns one either.

Steve Nash is without question my favorite point guard in the league, but he is just not the league’s most valuable player.

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