Sunday, March 5, 2006

Mark Cuban does a poor Gandhi impersonation

Filed under: Basketball — Tom Pittman @ 4:30 pm

In Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s latest blog, Some Thoughts on the NBA, he wrote, “I’m a purist. The rules is the rules. I don’t care if you call it on us. “That would be a little easier to believe if we hadn’t watched Cuban’s jubilation at and after the three point contest. Dirk Nowitski should not have even advanced to the second round much less won the three point shootout, had the officials done their job as Mark Cuban claims he wants them to.

Since we haven’t read that he has sent tapes to the league office about it, forgive us for concluding that the only time he wants officiating to be spot on is when it is to his advantage.

Of course, it would be blatantly self-serving Cuban to claim that the time really didn’t matter. If it doesn’t matter that the time ran out when Dirk’s last two points of the first round were still in his hand, then why even time the three point shootout at all? Why not just let them launch five racks of balls and see how they do? Obviously, the timer is a big part of the three point competition.

Despite the articulate overtures of noble purity, Mark Cuban’s actions — and inactions — speak so loudly that it can be hard to hear what he says.

Want to leave a noble legacy? Why not redirect the considerable intelligence and financial resources from reforming officiating and put it into something meaningful like reforming the injustices of our legal system?

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that NBA officiating is in need of a LOT reforming, it is just too much of a stretch to believe Mark Cuban champions reform from a non-partisan position.


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